Sending business to women: Amanda White

5 min read

Amanda outsources her work to other women in the profession and coaches and mentors them.

By Julia Newbould

I currently run my own paraplanning business with the aim of starting a financial planning business in the next year. I regularly outsource my work to other women in the profession and coach and mentor them where required to improve the overall standard of work within the industry.

Amanda White runs her own sole-trader paraplanning business in Perth. She started in 2014 contracting her services to different financial planners around Perth. Prior to that she had worked in a small business, working her way up from the reception desk.

At the moment, she outsources excess work to other paraplanners in the industry – women.

“I didn’t go out to particularly target other females but after advertising on Seek wanting to find people to help me more of the resumes were from women,” Ms White says.

“I like to take time to help others understand the more complex strategies to help others.”

Her mentoring is informal and takes the form of an ongoing relationship with her paraplanning colleagues.

One woman in particularly who she has developed over the past year has progressed from being able to do easy plans to taking on more complex ones. “I’d like to think I have helped her on the way,” she says.

Ms White, herself, wants to become a financial planner in time but first is focused on learning more about the technical perspective before reaching her ultimate goal of being a financial planner working for herself.