Helping one woman at a time: Emma Arthur

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Recognised talent and Inspired and assisted one woman to move from admin to paraplanning.

By Julia Newbould

I have provided guidance and technical training to a very talented lady that initially entered the workforce as a client services/administration manager some 10 years ago. This encouragement and support has seen her develop into a highly regarded and sought after paraplanner in her own individual right.

Emma Arthur met Susie Glastra when they worked together in a practice in Bendigo 10 years ago and Emma was a paraplanner and Susie was in client services.

Seeing the potential in Susie, Emma worked at building her confidence to go back to study to become a paraplanner.

“The driving force was that I could see so much ability in her. I saw smarts to develop and now she’s personally happier being more challenged,” Ms Arthur says.

“Susie’s main concerns before the move into paraplanner were around study, because she didn’t finish school. Going back to study can be daunting and I wanted to reassure her that I would help her through the study and assignments. The business was supportive because we’d all worked with her for a number of years and knew how good she was.”

Emma says Susie is happy to stay a paraplanner as she loves the technical and compliance side and prefers working behind the scenes. “If she wanted to be a financial planner I could see that she could do it,” Ms Arthur says.

Emma and Susie no longer work in the same business but they continue to have a good relationship.