Our advisers tell us what's top of their wish list for 2018

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This year has been another tough one for advisers – regulations remain tight and education standards keep rising – but for our Stella ambassadors some of the wishes at the top of their lists for the new year are higher education standards and financial advice becoming a profession.

There are also wishes to educate more Australians through financial advice and reduce the fear of investing - all great ambitions.

So in their own words - here is what our advisers had to say.

“Top of my list for financial advice in 2018 is for financial planners to see themselves as and to be recognised as a profession because that will raise expectations and standards, raising the bar higher, which in turn will encourage more quality people into the profession to provide great advice to Australians.”

Anne Graham, Managing Director/Senior Financial Planner, Story Wealth

“Top of my list for financial advice in 2018 is… make a positive impact in the industry by empowering more Australian's to live better through financial education, guidance and wealth management.”

Siboney Corrales-Palacio, Private Wealth Adviser, Macquarie

“Top of my list for financial advice in 2018 is reduce the fear around investing – particularly for women investors (as the research suggests women are generally more concerned and conservative). We’re not going to be able to change the headlines. What we can do is to talk more about the elements of investing that really matter; to go beyond the topline phrases like “diversify” or “stay the course” and illustrate what this means in real terms for individuals and their money.”

Kate McCallum, Director & Advisor, Multiforte Financial Services

“Top of my list for the coming year is to see a change in how advisers perceive or arrive at the client's tolerance to risk. The tolerance the client has is mostly as a result of their personal experience, rather than any knowledge about investing and how to reduce risk. I would like to see as 'the norm' an education process that results in the client choosing how much (in dollar terms) they wish to invest in each asset class. That would be terrific...”

Eleanor Darntall, Principal, Dartnall Advisers

“Top of my list for financial advice for 2018 is for financial advice professionals to step up and to take the leading role so we can truly become a profession. To do this we have to separate what we do as professional financial advisers from the broader financial services industry. While we need access to great financial products to help our clients achieve what is important to them, the advice we provide and how we are paid for it needs to be separate from the products we recommend if we have any hope of rebuilding trust within our profession.”

Anne-Marie Humphries, CFP and Principal, Huon Financial Planning

“Top of my list for financial advice in 2018 is learning how to be a good teacher. When it is all said and done, it is the client's money. I can give them the best advice and listen to anything and everything they are willing to share with me, but they have the final say in any decisions that are made. I have found the best way to work with clients is to be a caring educator. I am not only trying to teach them everything I know, but also want my clients to have a thorough understanding of their choices and the possible consequences of each choice they might make. Clients' best interest is always the key to me as a Financial Planner.”

Amanda Wang, Financial Adviser, BT Financial Group

“Top of my list for financial advice in 2018 is for clients to understand the essence of time and to seek financial advice early on in their lives, understanding that time can either work for them or against them. This is where clients focus on their financial goals at a young age and actually take the steps to seek professional financial advice and implement the appropriate strategies, rather than leaving it much later in life where it is likely to be significantly harder, with a lot less options.”

Diana Saad, Senior Financial Planner, BT Financial Group

“Top of my list for financial advice in 2018, as a people leader here at BT I am looking forward to seeing my people grow further in their roles. With many newer / greener advisers this is their year to start helping more customers and Australians as they become proficient and gain further confidence in their roles.  I am also looking forward to the 4th intake of the Stella Careers Program for woman employed by the group who are aspiring to become financial advisers - watch this space... more details to follow soon.”

Esther Angrisano, Regional Manager – BT Advice

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