Helping 1 Million Women reach its goal

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By Julia Newbould*

Last year at The Stella Network event Doing Good, Giving Well a panel of advisers, philanthropists and charity heads talked about how financial planners who discuss philanthropic giving build strong and deep relationships with their clients.

Understanding what is truly important with clients which comes from knowing who and what they want to financially support gives great insight into them.

One of the charities featured on the Stella panel was 1 Million Women, whom philanthropist and panellist Tara Hunt spoke passionately about.

Being given a bequest unexpectedly, Ms Hunt decided that as a family she would put the money towards something that she thought was important – the environment. After broadly supporting the sector she has become more focused on 1 Million Women. Not only does she continue to financially support the charity but she has also given her time and become CEO of the organisation.

Founder Natalie Isaacs set up the charity to raise awareness in the community that everyone has the power to lower our consumption of energy and waste and contribute to reducing carbon emissions in simple ways through using less power, using less water, reducing our waste, buying and consuming less. 

“My family has become so much closer of the foundation and especially because of my involvement with 1 Million Women as they are all involved in some way,” Ms Hunt says. “It’s not just writing a cheque we are in boots and all and learning that the world has an enormous challenge but we also have incredible power as humans to change events.”

Ms Hunt is  recently back from Sumatra where she found that in the five years since her last visit to the region the animal population had halved – including elephants, tigers, rhinos and orang-utans.

“I learned 50% of products on our supermarket shelves contain Palm Oil therefore it is a product where women as the consumers can have huge impact. The production of Palm Oil is a huge contributor to not only climate change but mass extinction of wildlife and increasing human poverty, she says.

“1 Million Women is joining with Choice and Zoos’s Victoria early next year for a campaign for accurate labelling for palm oil on all products sold in Australia.”

Meanwhile, Natalie Isaacs is currently at the Climate Summit in Paris. She has taken the new Anthem for Climate Action and it will be shown on Gender Day.

Click to see the Anthem and Download to support 1 Million Women.

What 1 Million Women needs next

  • To reach the target of 1 million members. If each of our current members can sign up three friends the target will be hit quickly.

  • To expand global reach quickly. This could be done if the anthem takes off post-Paris. Fingers crossed.

  • To be sustainably funded. We are currently working on a business plan to make this happen.

“We have realised that in order for us to achieve these three goals we need an app giving a one action a day message simply in a number of languages,” Ms Hunt says. “We need to build our numbers first – our strength is in our numbers.

The website asks for members to pledge to reduce waste and helps people track their progress.

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*Julia Newbould is an advisory board member of 1 Million Women.