Help the media don’t talk at them

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By Fiona Harris

Understanding how to get messages across and stories run in the media is a valued skill, particularly in an industry such as financial advice where the media coverage can be a rollercoaster ride.

Given it is my profession, the question I’m often asked is ‘how do I do it?’ Specifically, how can I get some media coverage for my business?

One of the secrets to success that cannot be underestimated when approaching and working with financial services media is your approach.

Too many people see it as an opportunity to set the agenda, to set the record straight or to tell the story they want to tell.

Whilst these may seem fair goals (from your point of view), from a journalist’s point of view, these are big turn offs because they are don’t often have the broad interest that they are looking for with their readers, nor do they provide the reader with a service.

What I mean by service is an opportunity to learn from an expert – and this is what the media ultimately want you to be – an expert as an eye witness to a fire, an expert on why you shop online instead of going to the shops anymore, and in your case, an expert on for example, why warrants are a good investment option.

Journalists want a topic, not an agenda. They want the opportunity to showcase your skills in an area where readers need help. They want the opportunity to share an opinion that is perhaps different to others – the opportunity to provide a service.

I believe the business of journalism is much more service orientated than ever before. This is for a myriad of reasons, but ultimately it comes back to the business principle of providing useful information for free and the feeling this gives the reader.

They want their readers to have this feeling, that they are getting quality information which they can put into use - particularly in your field, financial advice. This is tip heaven and the more you can apply your information and knowledge in a way that gives readers plenty of take-outs or concrete ideas they can use, the better.

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