Guaranteeing a great event with Anine Leakey, Senior Event Manager, BT

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When is the right time to make sure an event is going to be well run?

When the event occurs it’s almost too late to guarantee it’s well run.

Those with experience know that a good event is only guaranteed when everything is thought out – from the beginning of the planning and then consistently and pretty constantly until the event and even beyond.

What do you have to consider in running an event?

It’s not just about venue and food and drink – it’s all encompassing.

  • What is the purpose
  • How is the purpose going to be best achieved
  • Who is invited
  • When it is held
  • Where it is held

Over the period of organisation things change and it’s important to be across everything at all times.

For example, in preparing for the most recent Stella Network event with Carla Zampatti – everything was planned, checked and rechecked:

  • The  venue
  • the background – what was happening
  • A chance encounter with a tv executive at a pre-function function led to the ability to have our own function on tv – which was a bonus to what we were really trying to achieve with our function – greater focus on our Network’s issue which is to encourage more women  into financial planning.

The more effort that is put in before a function occurs is vital in guaranteeing the success.

What about if you’re running a small office function?

As an events organiser you are in a great position to guarantee its success and this can be done on a much smaller scale.

For example, a small end of year office function with clients can be made better if you know what individual clients like.  Pay attention to the detail – and if you’re not the type to do that  perhaps consider empowering someone who is.

Hearing that a particular client has a visitor from out of town staying and who you may be able to include on the invitation list can be a big success factor in your function – it will allow clients to feel more special and you may even win an extra client for your business.

Even just knowing that a client likes particular music, wine or cheese can boost your event’s success.
And keeping aware of changes to traffic routes, special events and weather are also important as the event gets closer.

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