Changing the cycle

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The Stella Network was formed to increase the number of women in financial planning, both in the BT business and in the industry in general. Currently only around 20% of financial planners in Australia are women (our own stats are closer to 25%). We believe greater diversity is better for the industry: both for those who work in the industry and for those we serve and hope to serve. Financial advice is important to allow people to achieve their best financial futures and the better we are able to be seen as doing this the better for everyone.

Changing the Cycle recognises how important it is that men are involved in changing any culture.

Many of the men in our network are interested in cycling and so using it as an analogy for our industry and how it has to move we are targeting more of our male members with this event.

The idea of the function is that SBS took a stand on deciding to broadcast the Tour de France, long before there was a real audience or appetite for it, SBS stood its ground doing a great job and years later it is a very popular event on the TV schedule (Michael Tomalaris). For a cyclist racing during this time there were difficulties not having support of the public at home – how did this affect him (Brad McGee) and for women who are now just emerging in the racing circuit how has it been and what will help (Kate Bates). Kate was also a financial planner for some time before going into broadcasting.

09 Feb 2016
SBS Tour de France broadcaster Michael Tomalaris, Olympic Gold Medallist Brad McGee and World Champion medallist Katherine Bates talk about how the face of cycling has changed in Australia.
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01 Oct 2013
The Stella Network is your opportunity to be part of something big; a group that aspires to challenge and change the current face of financial planning in Australia.
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04 Feb 2015
Tell us in 50 words or less what you have done to support women in financial planning and go in the draw to win a Master of Financial Planning Scholarship from Kaplan.
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