7 tips for young leaders

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Speaking to a room of young professionals at the FINSIA Young Finance Professionals of the Year award in Sydney recently, Pauline Vamos, CEO Regnan - Research, Engagement and Advisory, gives this advice.

  1. Find your noble cause. For me, it’s make sure that systems don’t destroy people’s dreams.
  2. Take risks. If you don’t take risks in your career you won’t grow. Sometimes you will fail. If you fail, you learn and move on. You suck it up.
  3. Behave well. It’s a small industry, I’ve been in situations where people who were once below you are suddenly your boss or your client. Make sure you treat everyone well. We all have long memories.
  4. Don’t wait to be fully competent. Even today I have crises of confidence. I hate to break it to you but you’ll never be the biggest, the best, the most successful. It’s OK not to feel fully confident – learn how to sell yourself and network. It’s not easy or intuitive or a confident area for many people – that’s normal.
  5. Be part of something. Be part of FINSIA, or another association. The more you do something extra the more you learn how to be a leader. You can’t learn how to be a leader without working without working with groups of people. Being a leader isn’t about being the boss or being in charge, it’s taking the lead and being part of something and continuing to learn. You never ever know everything.
  6. Know what is important to you. Throughout your life you will have different priorities – know what’s important for you today and take courage.
  7. It’s important to have a moral compass. There are a lot of leaders across the industry who lost their moral compass over the last 20 years. Take the Banking and Finance Oath. Call out unethical behaviour. A lot of people in financial services are blinded on what to do.
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