4 things we learnt about success at Stella

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Recently we attended the first Stella Network seminar for the year. We listened to Sally Loane the current CEO of the Financial Services Council and two past CEOs Pauline Vamos and Kerrie Kelly share their experiences, stories and tips. Here are the four things we learnt.

Literally stand up

It is important to literally stand up. As a short woman in a group of tall men. They aren’t necessarily going to see you if you stand around not saying anything, so make sure you push your way into the conversation and participate.

Look beyond board positions for networking opportunities

When looking for networking opportunities consider social and charity organisations and look for common interests which can often occur through casual conversation. But make sure you are passionate about these causes as authenticity will be key to forming new relationships.

The importance of mentoring

There was a great discussion around mentoring. They stressed that your job is to guide, not change the person or tell them what to do. And, remember that both sexes have crises of confidence at all points of a career, just continue to back yourself.

Build a support network

They made the point that having kids and a senior position is really hard and they couldn’t have done it without help. Build a good support network, including a good mentor who can point out your blind spots.

Find a balance and take time out for yourself. Some of their examples were bushwalking and skiing.

They also made the point that financial services is a small industry. You might be the boss of someone and then be interviewed by them next time you see them. Remember this when you want to send the angry email!

The person who is willing to work the hardest deserves the job, it’s not about gender.

If you would like to know more about what we learnt at Stella please contact me kathryn@evalesco.com.au

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