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23 Mar 2018
Pauline Vamos, CEO Regnan - Research, Engagement and Advisory, gives seven tips for young professionals in the finance industry.
06 Apr 2018
Susie Peterson discusses her drive to implement flexible working arrangements in financial advice at BT.

Julia Newbould
Julia Newbould is the Stella Lead and Content Lead in the BT Marketing team. She is passionate about diversity and has been working with financial planners since 1999, as an editor in financial services.

Alexandra Manley
Alexandra Manley is a senior event planner with BT. She has become a passionate advocate of advice since working on Stella and is committed to involving more women in the profession.

Anne Graham
Anne Graham is a trailblazing and award-winning financial adviser, CEO of her own planning business in Melbourne and is active with the AFA, FPA, Future 2 Foundation, and mentoring others.

Siboney Corrales-Palacio
Siboney Corrales-Palacio is a successful GenX adviser currently working as a Private Wealth Adviser at Macquarie. She is passionate about advice and in being a part of the changing face of advice.